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"Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are"- Unknown

Pimp Your Books Here...
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The user friendly Bio: "Welcome to the Book Swap, a community to recommend your favourite works of fiction and non fiction and to review those that have been recommended"

The one we wanted to use: "Welcome to the Book Swap, a place to pimp your favourite works of fiction and non fiction. We're all book whores here so feel free to recommend whatever you like!"

When you pimp-er, recommend your book we'd appreciate you taking the time to use the template below as it's easy to read and is spoiler friendly-



Blurb: (Spoiler Free please!!)

Rating: (ie PG, NC 17, G etc)

If you want to you can include the following under a cut-


Grading: (A, A-, B+, B etc...)

Reason for Pimping:

Using a template is pretty much the only rule around this place. You can pi- recommend anything, including NC 17, but you must include a rating so that users know this.