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Wild Swans

**Mod rec**

Title: Wild Swans

Author: Jung Chang

Blurb: This book is the remarkable story of the author's life and that of her mother and grandmother. Through their histories, Chang also explores the China of the twentieth century, with political upheaval sitting side-by-side with romance, cultural changes and family life. A truly incredible, unputdownable book.

Rating: PG

Review:I bought this book after seeing Jung Chang speak about it and her new biography of Mao a few weeks ago. I began it as soon as I got home, but actually passing my degree became an issue - I couldn't put it down for long enough to do any real work. It's that good.

Chang's exploration of her family's past is spell-binding; it reads as much as a journey of discovery for her as for the reader. I know very little about the Cultural Revolution in China, or about the earlier civil wars, but Wild Swans is helping me to plug the gaps in my knowledge.

As this book is about truly incredible women, so it is a truly incredible book in itself. It is hard to believe that these strong, courageous women existed, much less that Chang's mother is still alive today in China. Read it, please!

Grading: A

Reason for Pimping: See my review (I got a little carried away).
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