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Wild Swans

**Mod rec**

Title: Wild Swans

Author: Jung Chang

Blurb: This book is the remarkable story of the author's life and that of her mother and grandmother. Through their histories, Chang also explores the China of the twentieth century, with political upheaval sitting side-by-side with romance, cultural changes and family life. A truly incredible, unputdownable book.

Rating: PG

Review:I bought this book after seeing Jung Chang speak about it and her new biography of Mao a few weeks ago. I began it as soon as I got home, but actually passing my degree became an issue - I couldn't put it down for long enough to do any real work. It's that good.

Chang's exploration of her family's past is spell-binding; it reads as much as a journey of discovery for her as for the reader. I know very little about the Cultural Revolution in China, or about the earlier civil wars, but Wild Swans is helping me to plug the gaps in my knowledge.

As this book is about truly incredible women, so it is a truly incredible book in itself. It is hard to believe that these strong, courageous women existed, much less that Chang's mother is still alive today in China. Read it, please!

Grading: A

Reason for Pimping: See my review (I got a little carried away).
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o.o This book is actually on the summer reading list for my History class.

I haven't started yet (have others to read, too) but I'll comment some more on it when I finish.
Great minds eh?

Read it, and then follow it up, as I have done, with Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden. I'm having a very oriental summer :D
:<> *gasp gasp* I've read that, I've read that! It was very with some parts, but it was very well written.
Can't really expect much else with a book about geisha but it was fabulous! I loved every page of it!

Still on the Oriental theme- have you read Amy Tan's books? The Bone Setter's Daughter; The Kitchen God's Wife; Hundred Secret Senses. They are fantastic also :D
I've read the first few chapters of The Kitchen God's Wife (a few friends recommended it), but I didn't enjoy it much. I've also read the first few chapters of The Joy Luck Club, but ehh...also got bored. I think the size of the book intimidated me a bit. xD I usually don't read lengthy books unless I've read the author's other [short] works before. I'll take another crack at it, though. :)
Weird - I adored them all, and they're not *much* longer than Memoirs are they?

Watch out for her book of essays though - I thought it was a new book, got incredibly and embarrassingly excited and bought it on the spot, then discovered that it wasn't, and is actually really DULL!

I should do a new rec - haven't done one in a while but have read loads. Hmmmm what to rec....?, they're not. But most copies of Amy Lee's books (here, because I'm not sure about everywhere else) are pocket books so the size look quite intimidating.

Lol! I hate it when that happens!

*psstThatonepsst* Yes, I'm very helpful.
I read in a magazine that the movie version of Memoirs of a Geisha is coming out in December. There hasn't been any trailers on TV yet, but if I see it or hear any news about it, I'll infornm you at once. :)
Ooh, found the trailer:

The movie's out on the 9th.
Cool thanks!

Hope they do a good job - I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to making books into films! :D
Me, too. But it looks pretty good, though.