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Okay. First post. Hoo-haa. *does breathing exercises* I was going to recommend this other book, but I've yet to find a suitable passage that I want to include, so perhaps some other time.

Title: Flipped

Author: Wendelin Van Draanen (Sammy Keyes Series)

Blurb: All I've ever wanted is for Juli Baker to leave me alone. For her to back off--you know, just give me some space.

It all started the summer before second grade when our moving van pulled into her neighborhood. And since we're now about done with the
eighth grade, that, my friend, makes more than half a decade of strategic avoidance and social discomfort.

Rating: PG


Grading: A-

Reason for Pimping: Even though this is a bit of a "children's" book more than anything else, it's pretty worthwhile to read. It captures a lot of experiences I remember during that period of time - the same issues, i.e. In a way, I think this book tells the meaning of "You never appreciate something until it's gone" quite well.

What I like most about this book was the way the author presented things. It's not a crappy retelling of kid's life from a thiry-something woman's point of view. It really does seem like a teenager is talking to you about his/her life. The sarcastic humor thrown everywhere is also a big contribution to things. Juli's stalky character concerning Bryce is just adorable, and Bryce's attitude towards Juli just makes you want to slap and bring some sense into him. The characters are well written and very loveable (well, some, anyways). Oh, and did I mention there are Fred and George equivalents introduced? *wink wink*

What I didn't really like about this book is the back and forth-ness between Juli's and Bryce's thoughts. True, you see the situation from each's point of view, which was nice, but that sort of thing just makes me want to skip ahead. Some important scenes happens in one POV that doesn't happen in the other, however, so you might not want to do that. ;)

Just give it a try, really. Our beloved HP series is usually named as children's reading, but it's not bad - at all!
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